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Hidalgo County Precinct 2 Regional Hike and Bike Trail is now a Reality

Pharr, Texas - July 8, 2015 - Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Organization (HCMPO) Transportation Policy Committee unanimously approved funding $6.44 Million for the Precinct 2 Regional Hike and Bike Trail (P2H&B) proposed by Hidalgo County Precinct 2 Commissioner Eduardo “Eddie” Cantu through the Transportation Alternatives Program. With this funding, Hidalgo County took a huge step towards advancing regionalization and connectivity for pedestrian transportation facilities in the area.

Outstanding trail systems are associated with outstanding communities.  Linking communities with trails and greenways is a critical component of the urban pulse. Trails provide numerous benefits and create a sustainable and healthy community.

Our region will have one of the most beautiful and diverse urban hike and bike trails. Hidalgo County Commissioner Eduardo “Eddie” Cantu has developed a Master Plan to create a 7.74 mile hike and bike trail. “Proposed throughout 3 cities, San Juan, Pharr and McAllen these trails connect communities, provide alternative transportation corridors, and will become an essential recreational amenity for our citizens.” Commissioner Cantu said.

The Precinct 2 Regional Hike and Bike Trail will provide connections to 4 major areas: the City of McAllen, City of Pharr and City of San Juan connecting in the future to the City of Edinburg hike and bike trail system  and ultimately to the University of Texas- RGV to the north.

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The Master Plan developed by Commissioner Cantu also includes plans to install lighting, landscape with native trees and plants, and provide educational and informational signs.

The P2H&B will be an " alternate Expressway" for bikers and walkers - the crucial centerpiece of the region's planned network of bike trails.

The construction of the trail will provide enhanced connectivity through extension of a major trail system and will also allow for a safer environment for pedestrian traffic accessing schools, public buildings, parks, and other recreational facilities in the area.  In addition, the trail will promote the importance of general exercise and healthy lifestyle. 

“One of the biggest problems we face for the future of Hidalgo County is childhood obesity and all its associated illnesses. I believe that by providing spaces like the P2H&B we are meeting our responsibility as elected officials to do what is best for the future of our community and meeting that challenge in a collective and regional way.” Commissioner Cantu added.

The P2H&B can serve as a model for the innovative public and private partnerships that will make the regional plan a reality.