Permit Eligibility Requirements

The El Gato Collection Site is a disposal site for individuals residing outside city limits and who live within the Precinct 2 boundaries. This facility does not service businesses, vendors, or “for-profit” individuals.

In order to continue using the facility, residents must provide proof of residency.



  • Only a current water bill or light bill is accepted.
    Exception: renters and individuals sharing a water meter must bring in a water bill, even if the bill reflects the landlord’s name and an electric bill reflecting a service address along with a rent receipt showing that they are paying rent to the individual on the water bill.
  • You must provide a Drivers License or Texas Identification; including the Drivers license or Texas Identification of the person reflected on the water bill if different from yours.
  • You must turn in the sticker when there is a change in vehicles or replacement of windshield; you must turn in a previously issued sticker in order to get another issued.
  • Only one permit per vehicle will be issued.



  • 3 months = $25
  • 6 months = $50
  • 9 months = $75
  • 12 months = $100



Cash, money order, credit / debit cards ($2.50 transaction fee)

No checks accepted



  • Grass and leaves must be bagged.
  • Only 4 regular tires per month without rims.
  • No new construction materials will be accepted.
  • If you choose to burn your brush, you need to contact the Hidalgo County Fire Marshall’s Office at 956-318-2656 (Monday – Friday) to obtain a burning permit.



No trash will be accepted from residents who do not have a valid Hidalgo County Disposal Permit displayed on the vehicle windshield.